Sunday, April 10, 2011

Writing a Book Called Delux

I started writing Delux in May 2008. This morning, I worked on the fifth draft of chapter eleven.

On my walk around the neighborhood this afternoon, I decided to blog about my writing. I get lots of questions about writing. What's Delux about? When do you write? How did you come up with the idea? How many drafts will you write?

I'll answer the typical questions when I can, but I also want to dive deeper. Partly for the selfish journaling (writing is so selfish). Partly to help me work through ideas. Partly for readers, although the finished work is the finished work.

It seems a little late in the writing process to start blogging about it. When I started, I couldn't imagine this project taking more than a year. My goal-oriented side was sure it would be complete by 2009. I knew there was work after completing the first draft because there were characters who magically changed 20 years in age and plot points that didn't connect. I hoped by the second draft I would be close. Then friends brave enough to read it, and even braver to give me feedback, made it clear there was work to do. At the end of the fourth draft, I knew I'd taken a wrong turn.

Maybe I want to blog now because I feel so much better about the fifth draft. It doesn't feel quite like the final draft, but it's 23,000 words lighter so far and the words are working much harder.

This blog will focus on the process of writing and publishing Delux. For those who have story ideas in their head, maybe you'll read this and take the leap. For those voyeurs out there, here's your chance to get up close and personal. Take what you want, take what you need, but come along for the write.

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